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Differing Opinions

July 9th, 2003

Well, I just checked out the forums on Knitter’s Review and was pretty shocked to read that several people think I should be flogged, or at least mortified for submitting the picture for Cleo.

To answer a few of the technical questions…

The photo was taken with a digital camera in normal lighting conditions. I imported it into PhotoShop and applied some filters and upped the contrast levels because I thought it made for a more artsy and interesting composition. I submitted about 8 different images with the pattern. Four were ‘normal’, and the other four were ‘artsy’. Knitty’s editor chose one of the artsy ones, and I’m glad. I think it shows the top off better.

The halter was knit to fit me, and it fits like a glove. The little bit of strap sticking out by my neck is the end of the tie. Had I had anyone around to help me take the pictures, this would have been fixed. But, I was using a timer, pressing the shutter release button, and running over to the wall in 10 seconds before the picture was taken. It was crazy.

Anyhow… my only point is that you can’t please everyone all the time. There are a lot of knitters out there who think Cleo is fab and want to knit it and wear it. There are a lot of knittters, like me, who know that wearing it in public with my figure probably isn’t going to happen, at least, not without a strapless bra underneat. That’s just how it goes. What I like about Knitty is it’s ability to publish patterns to please a wide variety of people. In every issue, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find at least one thing you’d like to make.

And I think that’s cool.

OK, I’m done ranting for now. I just wish people didn’t complain so much about the styling of patterns that are published and available for free online. Knitty’s designers don’t get paid for this stuff. We put our creative souls into producing something we think is pretty cool. Not for everyone, true, but pretty cool.


Alright, I’m done. Really.

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18 Responses to “Differing Opinions”

  1. Mary Says:

    I for one loved the halter top. The various stich patterns make the garment fun to work with, even for beginners such as myself. As for the naysayers who are giving you grief — the pattern is free, it’s a work of love, and if they don’t like it, they should not make it! Harrumph!


  2. Rachael Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me. I was going to check out what they were saying, but I think now I won’t, for principle’s sake. You looked fab, the picture was bee-yoo-tee-ful, and the pattern couldn’t be better. Congrats on a job very well-done.

  3. kerrie Says:

    No way!! Some people just don’t realise how public their comments are do they? You really can’t please everyone and the fact that there are people out there who love it and will surely be making it proves that it is a great pattern. Don’t let them get you down…

  4. Leigh Says:

    I woke up this morning thinking of the yarn I would use to make Cleo. It’s a wonderful pattern, Amy! I’m surprised people are saying negative stuff–how tactless and rude. If they don’t like it, simply don’t make it.

  5. Cari Says:

    Some people seem to think that because they’re terrified of their bodies, everybody should be. Cleo is awesome and you shouldn’t give those KR posters another thought.

  6. alison Says:

    Amy, I love the pattern and the picture. A beautiful and stylish picture is one of the things that really gets me excited about a pattern. That’s why I’m such a sucker for the Rowan and Rebecca patterns. You did a great job on the photo and the pattern looks very well written as well. I’m going to try swatching a bit for it later this week! Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  7. Anne Says:

    Good Lord! That picture’s fine, and the design’s delightful!

    Ignore the bad comments, please.

  8. Carrie Says:

    i think they’re jealous!
    how could anyone not like cleo? even if it’s not your style, it’s still stylish and fabulous. and the pic was one my favorite parts too. i think there are many more of us who L-U-V the pattern. you look great, the shirt is great, and it’s FREE! how lucky are we to have fab free patterns!
    you rock.

  9. ~Jo~ Says:

    I’m sorry you have had so many comments about the Cleo top. I think it takes a gutsy person to wear it and the picture is beautiful!

    I applaud you for the pattern you created, it looks wonderful! 🙂

  10. karin Says:

    Jealous old bags!! The picture is fantastic and I only wish I could look as good as you do in that top when I finish knitting one of my own. You should put up a gallery of people wearing their finished Cleos for the world to disapprove of!

  11. Nat Says:

    Oh my goodness, people are terrible. I just started knitting Cleo, and it’s been fun so far! This will be a rather daring article of clothing for me, so i am excited about that too. I can never find halter tops that fit me, so this is a great opportunity to make on that fits me! I’ll be sure to send a pic for the knitty gallery as soon as it is done. Can’t wait to see your future patterns, and pictures.

  12. Dani Says:

    I echo the sentiments of everyone else. I’ve seen pictures of free knitting patterns that have been absolutely horrible in the sense that you cannot see much of the stitch pattern, the color is so dark you can only see the shape, and it’s blurry to the point that you can barely tell what you’re looking at. There’s nothing really wrong with your picture. I liked it, and thought it showed off the piece very well. And besides, if all of those naysayers have such a problem with it they can get off their asses and write a pattern on their own and take pictures of it however they like. Don’t let the criticism of a few shallow drama queens overshadow the majority of people who love the pattern, the picture, and are grateful for your generosity even if they don’t like the picture/pattern.

  13. gwen aka tllgrrl Says:

    i saw the picture of Cleo and the first thing i thought was “va-va-voom! go, girl!” it’s great to see curvy women designing and knitting wonderful, fun things…for ALL body types to make and wear with pride. (as much as i adore Rowan, the skinny models and small size range piss me off: 36 is LARGE? 36 what, “A”???)
    there’s nothing wrong with the Cleo picture or the model.
    someone should tell the complainers that it’s KNITTY, fer cris’sakes…and one of the things that makes it so extremely cool is that it’s NOT Vogue Knitting with the stylists and professional models.

  14. Barbara Says:

    I love fashion, clothes, and knitting. Cleo is fabulous. It is not a pattern that everyone could wear and look as good in it as you do, but so what? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. I don’t understand the attitude that if a style would not flatter you, then the design is bad. Keep on designing and submitting your work to Knitty and others.

  15. Maggi Says:

    Amy, I love Cleo! It’s my fave design in this issue, and I want one for myself, which will look totally different from yours, but the pattern is ready to handle my less-endowed shape. Way to go, girl!

  16. Carissa Says:

    OMG! had I known about this before knitting circle I would have given you a big hug! shame on those people!!! I can’t believe that they would bitch and complain about anything about that pattern! not to mention that it was free .. but it was also a labor of love .. and the picture is AWESOME! very very beautiful! a picture to be very proud of! let me at ’em!!!!! *lol* seriously you have nothing to worry about hon! you are beautiful and talented and are going places!!! whether those hags like it or not 😉

  17. melissa_j Says:

    amy, they are all nuts. 🙂 cleo is awesome, and the picture is part of what made me like it so much! i like the “artsy” shot – very cool. i have even already ordered my cantata yarn from canada so i can make one for my small-busted self. heehee…i think i’m going to add a back panel on below the elastic strip, though – would make me a tad more comfy wearing it on the streets of new york. 🙂 anyhow – i like it so much i bought the new spring green and yellow yarns to knit it with – and i do believe that people will notice it! rock on, sista girl – don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  18. stella Says:

    Girl, the top is awesome and the picture is awesome. You rock. Folks are obviously going to be jealous. I love Rowan books because of their dramatic photography as well & I’m not even going to waste time to look for the negativity on that forum.

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