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February 26th, 2004

I’m back at work this morning. I think this is a good thing, but it’s too soon to tell. My body is throbbing and I feel nauseous. But I’m wearing my finished Rogue, so at least there’s that.

when life gives you lemons…

February 24th, 2004

… knit legwarmers OK, I know that’s not how the phrase goes, but it’s pretty much what I did on Sunday. I’ve been whining about wanting legwarmers for many weeks now, and I finally sat on my bum long enough to whip up a pair. These are skinny legwarmers, knit with an aran-weight yarn at […]

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February 21st, 2004

It happened on the way home from work last night. We were heading to the Safeway to stock up on groceries before the weekend, and were driving down a road we hardly use. The sun was in everyone’s eyes, but we were fine, stopped at an intersection. I heard a huge bang and suddenly we […]

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