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Happy Stampeding!

July 8th, 2005

The Calgary Stampede kicks off this morning with a giant parade. I will be leaving town first thing tomorrow morning for the duration. Trust me, I did not plan it this way. Since I adore country music and all things kitsch, the prospect of missing an entire week of fake barn scenes, straw, and cowboy hats has me vaguely disappointed.

But Rachael has promised to take me dancing tomorrow night, so I can’t really complain. I need to go out. Badly. And as long as I stick to beer, Sunday’s hangover shouldn’t be too bad, right? Right?

I’m heading to the condo at 2pm this afternoon to drop of my final set of cheques and get the formalized paperwork that will begin the mortgage process. Scary. And exciting. And scary. If I can remember to bring my camera, I’ll snap photos.

The unit is a one bedroom plus den. It’s mostly beige colours, but the den is the real bonus… room for my office and yarn! I think it’s worth the additional cost. It’s also a top floor end unit, so only one shared wall! And did I mention the gas fireplace? And that gas is included in the condo fees? Should be a good winter.

And after that, a bit more work, then out with some work friends from Critical Mass, then a bit more packing and just a wee bit of sleep before my 7:20am flight.

Incidentally, if I don’t sleep on the plane, I won’t have any energy left for dancing!

And a few more photos…

From St. Petersburg:


Prayer wheels at Involginsk Datsan, near Ulan Ude, the centre of Buryat Buddhism:


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3 Responses to “Happy Stampeding!”

  1. Jody Says:

    Ohhh, photos of the new condo would be nice (as a lurker that might sound more stalkerish than anything). I really enjoy your blog and love the photos from your vacation. Have fun with Rachael!

  2. J Strizzy Says:

    Hm, confused — first I thought your post meant Rachael hadn’t mentioned a trip to Calgary, and then I realized you’ll be dancing in California! You’re coming here, not the other way around!

  3. M-H Says:

    Dancing with Rachael… and Lala… I am so envious. Have a dance for me, chook!

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