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a blocked sock

December 10th, 2005

I have sockitis. Remember that Schaefer sock, the nice ribbed one? Well, I never started the second. Instead, I started a new one in Diakeito Diamusee Fine.

simple toe-up sock in diamusee fine

I’ve had this lovely yarn in my stash for a year and a half, maybe more. I think I got the first ball at Wool & Company in Geneva, IL, and two more balls from the boys at ThreadBear.

As for the sockitis, I have a few great reasons. One reason will have to be a secret for awhile longer.

In the meantime, I can share the other reason. Keep your eyes peeled for this pattern! I’m calling it “Simple Short Row Socks”, because I’ve finally been able to perfect the toe-up pattern I use for all my socks. This will be released as an indiKnits pattern in the next few weeks.

I have more knitting to show off, but no time today to take more photos. I have the indiKnits redesigned site to code and more things on my TTD list than I care to enumerate. It’s just overwhelming!

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5 Responses to “a blocked sock”

  1. Emma Says:

    Nice sock ! Did it take half of the 3 balls ? I have 2 balls awaiting their destiny. Is it a strong enough yarn ? Feels quite soft & tender to me.

  2. morgan Says:

    Hurry up with the pattern woman!! I need the perfect toe up sock!

    Also, since I am a Koigu & Cherry Tree Hill junky … did you know that using the yarn you used is a perfect blend with them???

  3. Chris Says:

    Love that Kersti shawl a few entries back. I have some Kersti in the stash, just loking for the perfect pattern…

    Didn’t realize until I was wandering around your site that Rosedale was yours. Knit Rosedale last fall, and love the look. Just have to tweak the cuffs, because I hadn’t knitted a raglan from the bottom up before, and the sleeves ended up a wee bit too long.

  4. Kat with a K Says:

    Oh how cute! I’ve never tried a toe-up sock, but now I’m tempted…

  5. Julia Says:

    I’m so glad you’re taking pictures! They’re beautiful! I’ve been by your blog off and on before, and I’m loving the pics of your projects. =D

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