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one step forward…

March 10th, 2006

seventeen back.

I’ve been deathly quiet around here lately. This will likely continue until the store is open and the book has been handed off. In the meantime, i’m working more hours in a day than I care to admit and hitting unspackled walls at every turn.

The latest in a string of near-endless frustrations is Telus. For those of you non-Canucks, Telus is the local phone and internet provider. There are other options… Vonage, Shaw Digital Phone & Internet, etc, but we went with Telus for the store, namely because we were transferring an existing Telus number over.

The number was switched on the 21st of Feb, but they didn’t bother to come and install the jack we had requested. The internet was turned on the same day, but they didn’t bother to send over the digital modem.

So. Twenty five phone calls later, and they finally deliver the internet connection kit and get someone out here to install the actual line. But, they didn’t bother to tell us the date of the appointment. Lucky we were here!

The latest small irritation is that when they set up the internet, apparently they didn’t really set it up correctly. And it’ll be another business day minimum before it will be all configured.

No problem, right? What’s another day at this point?

Well, first thing Monday morning the credit card folks are coming to install and configure our CC processor. It runs over high speed internet. If the internet isn’t working, we’ll be charged another $125 for a rescheduling fee.

I explained this to the very pleasant (for once) woman at Telus and she’s working on it.

This, my friends, is why I absolutely positively needed to try to get this network up and running today. It’s Friday, there’s a chance of fixing any problems. If it was tomorrow, we’d be out of luck and out of another $125. That’s a lot of yarn.

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7 Responses to “one step forward…”

  1. jeannine Says:

    How completely frustrating, but unfortunately not surprising. I’ve never been too pleased with Telus, but then again I don’t have much faith in the other companies as well. Fingers crossed.

  2. Stella Says:

    Dude, starting a business is LIKE that. It’s full of surprises and extra expenses. Remind yourself that it’s tax deductible – that sort of helps. But hang in there! It’s rewarding in the end. Plus, having no boss is PRICELESS. 🙂

  3. jaime Says:

    I feel for you. We dumped telus sometime last year and have been very happy since. Hopefully things are looking better by now. And, not only is having no boss priceless, but having a shop as wonderful as yours – you two are going to do so well with this!

  4. Justine Says:

    I’m trying to use your adorable knit trackers, I love your blog. Great job and fantastic graphic!

  5. Val Says:

    I can so sympathize with you. My husband and I moved our business in the summer last year. Telus was to change over the phone number, etc. Well, they went on strike and we didn’t have anything up and running property until about October. The incredible thing is they had the nerve to bill us for services back to July of 2005, when we didn’t even have service. I wish Shaw and been available in this area.

  6. Lea Ogozelec Says:

    I’d love to make Watershed for my daughter to wear with her cute summer dresses, but she lives in Kansas City so she’s asked for at least 3/4 length sleeves. Is there any way to extend the sleeves with this pattern?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Mary Cunningham Says:

    I have been searching for contact details for Amy, but not able to find anything, hence my random post here. I was wondering about the “Toe Up Sock Generator” which is posted on Ravelry, but not available at present? Will it ever be up and available again. Could I be contacted if it ever does please.

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