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The Other Side of a Book

January 9th, 2007

Piles of Paperwork

What you see above are the products of the last five hours of work. It’s a stack of contracts and contibutor agreements to be mailed out, covering my two Not Your Mama’s books. On the bottom is the author contract, newly signed, for my newest book, Sensual Crochet. And, in the middle are some addresses to where I need to ship pattern samples and indiknits order forms for the TNNA tradeshow this week.

It never fails to surprise me, how much time this organization and paperwork takes to get together. When I think of writing a book, I think of the time writing, the time designing, the time working with other contributors, the editors, and the publisher. I don’t always think of the contract preparation time, the time to solicit yarn from manufacturers, and all the assorted shipping, mailing, emailing, and checking in.

Sometimes I find it funny that, in a previous part of my life, I was a project manager. After all, what I do in my current life is just an extension of the same skills, as far away as my day might seem from life at Critical Mass more than two years ago. I still make spreadsheets, still track deadlines, still work with a team of people aligned to similar goals. I still organize, and remind, and plan. I still do all these things, except now, I am called author. I am called entrepreneur.

So much more romantic, don’t you think?

What’s not romantic is my decided lack of time lately. We leave for vacation, quite early in the morning, exactly 2 weeks from today. This leaves me with 13 more days to move an overwhelmingly large amount of tasks from “To Do” to “Completed”. This morning, I woke up to emails asking for things I had forgotten, for reminders popping up on my iCal of things that will be due any day. And tomorrow, I’m at the store to teach, and so Sandra can be home to wait for our new stove to be delivered. And Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday will be full of inventory, ordering, receiving, and store organizing. Full of January Sock Club and new classes, and following up on customer requests.

The time, she sure does fly. But will I be sitting on a beach in just over 2 weeks? You bet. Beaching and crocheting and knitting. And probably Corona-ing. With lime, of course.

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2 Responses to “The Other Side of a Book”

  1. karos Says:

    Mmm, Corona.

    A very well-deserved holiday, I must say! You are one of the busier people out there, it seems. But author and entrepreneur – romantic indeed!

    I was just looking at the shop’s newsletter & shot a wee e-mail off asking about knitting 101. This is the year I start to understand Yarnese, I can feel it!

  2. Stella Says:

    Hi Amy,
    I know what you mean with the difference between PM and entrepreneur. I was a CAD Manager, now entrepreneur. PRICELESS, I say.
    Good luck with the Weightwatchers! You are looking great!
    Also, I love the pink variagated color of the mystery sweater.

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