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I live the jetset life

February 28th, 2007

Almost ready to send off

Because we could not replace the tires on the car yesterday, and it’s barely driveable without doing so, and because we had bought those Air Canada trial airpasses in January, wherein you can fly to several destinations as much as you like for one up front fee (already paid), but only on tuedays and saturdays, I woke up in Vegas this morning.

I’m looking at it this way:

1. The cost of 4 nights in a hotel is less than the cost of gas to drive 10 hours roundtrip in our jeep, with the part time 4 wheel on part of the day because the roads are awful.

2. I discovered yesterday that the latest FedEx dropoff time in Sweetgrass Montana, the border town, is 11am.

3. This way, I’m actually using some of the airpass before it expires next week.

4. With the highly oxegenized rooms, I’m really wide awake at 7am and ready to finish off these projects before noon, and then go out and have a walk, some lunch (sushi?) and some window shopping. We’re not going to mention the slot machines.

This whole 24 hours has been weird for me for many reasons. First of all, I’m a Planner. I plan, and then I plan what to plan, and then I plan how to plan, and then I plan some more. So, when yesterday, it became all too clear that driving to Montana was no longer an option, I did kind of do the panic dance. Followed by inhaling a Skor bar.

Secondly, I don’t live a glamorous enough life to be throwing clothing in a suitcase to catch a just-reserved flight in less than 2 hours. I’m not good at that! See above, re: planning.

So. Anyhow. I’m here. Fairly sleepless and full of the conviction that I will get what I need to finish done this morning! Yay!

A Royal cardigan

(It just struck me that the little sign says “Experience the Perfect Cup of Coffee”. That sounds way better than opening a second can of Diet Pepsi. Urgh.)

Here’s a little look at my current to do list:

1. Sew seams on Royal cardigan. Finish edges with border (optional).
2. Put ties on pink cardigan.
3. Finish the cami I started on the plane.
4. Finish Red Rover.

Easy. I give it 3 hours and then I’m done done done.

#3 is turning out really cute. I’m using some more store stock that I bought, Curious Creek Oban in Plum Thunder. We only had two skeins left, and y’all know how much I adore Kristine and her gorgeous yarns. So. Cami. It’s constructed of square motifs running down the front and the back. Then, the main body of the piece is crocheted from side to side with a little bit of shaping in the front. On the plane, I started and finished the front, and got a good way through the back.

#1 is in the photo above. It needs a few good seams. It could also use a front edging, but as it does look fine the way it is, and as I left the rest of the yarn at home, I think it’s going to have to stay how it is.

And, #4, I’m not hugely thrilled with right now. It needs underarm seams and a front band. And I did indeed bring the yarn.

I also have to write up a shot list, but that can be done tonight or tomorrow morning. So. I better stop procrastinating/waking up and get to work.

The question of the day remains: will I be able to find a reasonably cheap way for Sandra to join me here tonight or tomorrow?

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9 Responses to “I live the jetset life”

  1. wendee Says:

    I cannot wait until I can crochet these for myself! I’ve been following along for a while and the samples just keep getting more tantalizing!

  2. Robyn Says:

    Oh my gosh! I would have been a basket case if I was in your shoes. I’m asounded. I will be sending you extra good finishing karma today. At least you can get a drink for free in the casinos when you are all done.

  3. Dana Says:

    Oooh…. the suspense! Everything from your new book looks so amazing, Amy. Good luck finishing those final pieces, and good luck smuggling Sandra into the states for cheap! 😉

  4. AmyP Says:

    Ah, you’re a list girl. I’m a list girl too. Is it an “Amy” thing, do you think? 🙂

  5. Amanda Says:

    Amy – just found your site today, and I am absolutely drooling over your designs. I am going to use the time before your book comes out to improve my crochet abilities to try to do justice to these beauties. You are crazy-talented, and your designs (and crochet skills) are incredible!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Michelle Says:

    Karen and I gave Sandra a long list of the best buffets and fashion malls…..enjoy your time together. See you when you get back!

  7. karen Says:

    I AM SO JEALOUS I CAN HARDLY SEE. Fashion Show Mall? A Must! Buffet at the Rio (the biggest in Vegas) A MUST. See Penn & Teller if you can and give them a kiss from me (they do meet and greet after the show!) and for all things holy get drunk on free beer at the nickle slots. Bath and Body Works? HELLO!!!

    VIVE LAS VEGAS (and we’ll hold down the fort until you get back!)


  8. Amie Says:

    YEAHHH! Vegas Baby! (said in my best Austin Powers voice). Now that’s the way to finish up a book project. Hop on a jet to Vegas, crocheting your heart out the whole way.

    Amy, I hope you’re sippin’ on a tasty drink, eating great, and winning big, and hopefully there with Sandra. You deserve it! Rest assured, this book will be one of the best on the market.

    Ahhhh, Yes, it’s an “Amy/Amie thing” indeed. I had my list too, just in my head this time because I had no time to write it down! I was up until 2 am working on my contribution for two nights in a row. Aiyyyy. My brain still hurts.

  9. Rina Says:

    I’m so excited about your book. I can’t believe it’s going to be a year before it comes out! Your garments are gorgeous. I love the use of interesting stitch patterns. I often browse through my stitch pattern books wondering how I would translate them into garments, and feel I would learn a lot from your book. Good luck finishing the manuscript!

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