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The problem of designingin other sizes

February 25th, 2007

Cashmere boatneck shell

The models for this book are going to be somewhere in the size 2/4 B-cup range. In other words, much much smaller and flatter than me. So, I’m crocheting these wee little sample garments. It’s fun because it’s fast, and it uses less yarn. Case in point; the above shell used 2.5 balls of cashmere, leaving me with a half ball and nothing specific to do with it.

However, there are a number of garments in this book so far that I’m utterly and entirely in love with. And must make, in a size that fits me.

(And I know I’m doing the whole WW thing, but my goal weight still puts me around a size 6/8. Probably more like an 8. And, how am I doing? I’m back down to 164 after vacation and some hormonal water retention issues. I expect to be in the 150s before the end of March, and therefore, the skinniest I’ve been since I was 22. Or so.)

Now, I know I crocheted the brown sweater in my size. Without really meaning to. Shhh.

But once I send these samples off this week, they won’t come back for at least a year. So, that means if I want to wear them (and I really, really do), I’ll have to make others.

Not that I feel like crocheting right now. Not one bit.

The deadlines are going well, though. I have 6 projects left to finish, 2 of which just need some sewing of ends and assorted finishing. Another 2 have been started, but I’m not totally thrilled with how they’re working out. They may be axed in favor of better (and smaller) designs. And, I got going on one of my favorites so far last night. It should be done tomorrow. Hopefully. That leaves me with a space for a scarf, which is the work of an hour or two.

I figure, with the unreliability of FedEx across borders, if I get everything shipped on Wednesday, it should be there in plenty of time for Monday’s photo shoot. It would be better if we had time to drive down to Montana and send it from there, though. Far better.

So. It’s doable. It’s still scary, but it’s doable.

In other news, to celebrate the finishing of the book, Sandra and I are going on Spring Break with our mothers. Will this be a wonderful bonding excursion or simply madness? Time will tell, but I’m a firm believer in the former. In 4 weeks, we will be again enjoying a little bit of sun and a bit of R&R. And, I get to wear all my new cruisey clothing again, while it still fits.

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