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July 16th, 2007

3ply Louet Northern Lights Top

I’m a little all-spinning-all-the-time lately. To prepare for Saturday’s class, I spent most of my free time (ha) last week spinning up some samples on the various wheels in stock. Ostensibly part of this exercise, I worked up the above skein of 3ply merino dyed by Louet. This was my first time working a 3ply; previously, I’d only experimented with Navajo, Andean, and 2ply yarns. The verdict? I like it!

Louet Northern Lights Top

On the bobbin, the single ply looked nice, but a little drab. But when plied, each color blends together and gives the skein a more uniform, sagey-green appearance. Fun stuff!

Of course, as part of my “week of spinning” last week, I registered for SOAR and promptly got put on the standby list. Shucks! What do you think the chances are of an opening coming up? I guess I’ve learned for next year that I must register the day I’m able. With so few spots, and so much interest, waiting several months ain’t gonna cut it. As a consolation, I’m signing up for the Wild Rose Fibers Spinning Retreat at Pine Lake in Alberta, featuring Judith MacKenzie and two great workshops. This one is inexpensive, close to home, and a great opportunity to learn a whole lot more in a short amount of time; perfect for my life as of late.

I leave you today with a photo of the sky up in Citadel last night. We’d had a short little thunder and hail storm, and when it passed, it left behind a gorgeous sunset.

After the storm

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3 Responses to “SpinSpanSpun”

  1. Stacey (from Red Deer) Says:

    Yeaaa, someone else I know will be at the spinning retreat.

  2. Chrystie Says:

    The yarn you made looks lovely! I like the subtleness and the colors a lot. I miss ya doll!

  3. Rachael Says:

    I was on the waiting list last year for SOAR and I got in, easy. You will, too. Also – Judith is a GENIUS and your spinning will improve 100 times, just when she walks in the room. It’s like the spinning wheels sit up and behave or something. It’s kinda weird….. xo

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