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Things you do whilewaiting

April 12th, 2008

A pile of Panel Jacket

Last Sunday, back on Day 1 of the infamous two week wait before we find out if I’m pregnant, I decided to being a 2ww knitting project. I chose the Panel Jacket from Unicorn Books and some new Classic Silk from Classic Elite. It’s knit in garter stitch panels that are then attached together with a three needle bind off. It’s fun, and relatively portable, and it’s been going really quickly, unlike this f$*#&@*ing two week wait.

The back of the panel jacket

I’m finished with the body and it’s all assembled, and I’m knitting on the first sleeve with about 6 inches left to go. After knitting the second sleeve, I’ll have to knit a large panel to stretch around both fronts and become the collar/front facing. So, it will likely take the whole of the two weeks rather than just a part.

Having something obsessive – and deadline-driven – to knit keeps my hands busy and off the laptop at night. I don’t need to be looking up any pregnancy symptoms. I don’t need to be reading about IUI success rates. And I certainly don’t need to be staring at my temperature chart as if it will open up and tell me “yes” or “no”.

Even though I’ve been hopelessly devoted to this project for the past week, I’m ready to cast on for something new. I picked up a copy of More Big Girl Knits yesterday and oh man am I impressed! I’ve got 3 MUST KNITS and another 4 or 5 projects to ponder. I haven’t decided which one to start with, but will probably be mulling over some yarn choices all day today.

Lately I have been really enjoying knitting from other people’s patterns. It’s a nice change from those times when everything on my needles has the riskiness of a new design. Will it work out? Will it be too small? Will I run out of yarn? I guess I still might have the same problems when working from a pattern, but it somehow feels safer, somehow feels that any problems won’t be my fault as long as I get gauge.

That said, I do have some sizing on old patterns to work through, and at least one new design percolating in the back of my mind. Now, I just need more time!

Amy's got a new bag

In other news, check out my new bag! I was having kind of a bum day on tuesday so I decided to treat myself with this cute new Lady B from Lexie Barnes. I also got two new needle cases in matching fabric. (Incidentally, we are well stocked in the Pacifica Pattern – here.)

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One Response to “Things you do while waiting”

  1. Keatyn Says:

    I love the color of the yarn you are using. That bag is also super cute.

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