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Playing footsie

August 21st, 2008

My new boots

Excuse the slightly blurry, poorly framed snapshot of my brand-spanking-new boots. I love them. I love them unreasonably. They are by Naot, and I’m completely sold on the quality and comfort of this brand by the cute brown pair of mary janes that I bought when I started my new job. I wear them nearly daily and they’re comfy for even an hour long exercise walk.

(And they’re cute. Don’t forget about cute.)

In other news, I have an eyelash permanently poking me in the eyeball today. It’s annoying, and uncomfortable, and I wish I could make it stop.

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10 Responses to “Playing footsie”

  1. denny likes groovy footwear Says:

    i am so a Naot girl. I have more pairs then I care to count. Welcome to the Naot club.

  2. beth Says:

    those are adorable! i have a few pair also- very comfy. never seen those before- what are they called???

  3. Darch Says:

    I have a great pair of Naot boots but not THAT great!!!! So it looks like I will HAVE to have both your cute shoes that I have been staring at and these boots. Promise I won’t wear them to the store though, being too matchy, matchy would be silly no?

  4. Dana Says:

    Those are awesome! I hope they come in a ladies 10. (I have a constant problem trying to find shoes that are CUTE and COMFORTABLE and SIZE 10, all in one single pair.)

  5. SamLaTricoteuse Says:

    I was actually thinking about Fall shopping and fall boots…
    Great look !

  6. Anya Says:

    I discovered Naot when visiting Israel more than 10 years ago. I like to think of them as an Israeli version of Hush Puppies. They are SO comfy and fit my size 12 feet!!!

  7. Jennu Says:

    Cute shoes!

  8. Judy G. Says:

    I have Naot shoes, but now have to go and investigate boots. Those are too cute!

  9. yvette / overanalyzer Says:

    i am more of an earth boots girl myself. the reverse sole is very comfy. but yours are cute!

  10. sandy Says:

    Must. get. green. boots…

    at least they will go with darn near everything I own and just about everything I’ve ever knit!!
    Why do you think I’m known as junglygirl??

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