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September 15th, 2008

Me, Sept 14

As you probably know, since starting my new job, I’ve made it a priority to:

  1. Get out and walk at least a little every day.
  2. Eat healthier work lunches and snacks. Go for an apple instead of a Twix.

I’ve lost 8 pounds since I started counting. 8 pounds. That’s roughly equivalent to my cat Boo. And the internet seems to say that 10 pounds equals one size. I’m not sure if I buy that when it comes to my body but I do know that my clothing doesn’t fit at all right now.

This is pretty concerning, actually. I had to buy some new pants and shirts and work-appropriate stuff when I started this job, and to be suddenly down to 2 pairs of pants that fit, instead of 3… well, that’s a bit tough. I’m fine on everything except office clothing, however. I was smart enough to save all my “skinnier” jeans and tops last spring, and now they’re getting closer to fitting again.

What’s worse is that my favorite newish black top is far too big on me now. This is worse because I only realized after sitting at my desk for an hour and realizing that I’d been showing a teeny bit of my bra from the V neckline. Now I’ll have to spend the rest of the day hiking it up so the neckline sits a smidgen higher.

So, here’s the dieter’s dilemma. When should I buy new clothing? Do I hang in there until I really can fit into a size smaller? Do I invest in some stretchy size L (instead of XL) tops, knowing they’ll fit for a nice range of weight?

Who knows. In any case, I’m not sure I’ll have dropped any more this past week. I’ve been craving mexican food, which means a lot of cooking with wonderful things like cheese and olive oil.

Oh, and the photo above is just because Trish said that she could see the weight loss in my face and I think she’s right. What do you think?

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18 Responses to “In-between-times”

  1. Mel Says:

    I’m in the same boat. My 2 pairs of jeans have not only become a bit big but they both have worn through on the upper thighs so I had to go pant shopping this past weekend. When I was trying on pants I discovered 14 is just a wee bit too tight to really be comfortable and the 16 was a bit big. In that case do you go for the smaller size with the expectation you will be able to wear them soon? Or do you go for the slightly bigger ones knowing your time with them will (hopefully) be brief?

    Perhaps this is where stretchy clothes can be your friend?

  2. J Strizzy Says:

    I can see it in your face! I mean, not that I ever see you other than the pics you post here, but yeah.

  3. Terra Says:

    Good for you- seem like your life changes have been good ones.

    One thing my mom did when she was on her weight loss journey was buying her dress clothes at thrift/consignment stores when she was still losing and wasn’t at her ideal weight yet…that way you’re not spending lots of moola but you still look good for work. The value village in Midnapore rocks for dress clothes- rich neighborhood= not picked over. When she reached her target weight she went for the good stuff.

  4. Kayla Says:

    I think you’re hawt, lady! Wow, great picture!

    I second Terra’s suggestion about thrift store. They’re great, and if you really look, you can find some great deals. Also, buy those loose, flowy tops if you’re going to buy anything new. The loose flowy thing will serve THREE purposes. It’s stylish and flattering on a range of sizes, it’ll fit as you shrink, and when you get preggers, they make great (and comfy!) maternity clothes!

  5. Alli Says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I recently lost about 10 lbs as well and I totally hear you on the clothing thing! Luckily I don’t have to look nice for work (I walk dogs) but I can understand your dilemma.

    How about having some of your new nice now-too-big clothes taken in by a tailor? Since they’re pretty new they probably have a lot of wear left in them and having them altered is cheaper than buying new clothes.

  6. Trish Says:

    Just so you know – I thought that picture was taken before you opened the store – I can so see the loss in your face. Lookin good lady!

  7. marnie Says:

    Absolutely, you should be buying things that fit perfectly. That’s the reward for loosing weight. Speaking from experience, it’s a huge motivator to be wearing progressivly smaller cloths. Check out Trends in Kensington, decent lables, cheap prices. The bonus is that if you’ve got decent cloths that are too big, Trends will take them on consignment.

  8. jen Says:

    yep, I see it. Or rather don’t. You look great!

  9. Kathy Says:

    You look adorable in that pic! And yes, before I started reading the post, I looked at the photo and thought you must have lost a bunch of weight recently.

  10. Teresa Says:

    You look great, Kid!
    Not does your face look thinner but you have a bit of a glow.

  11. Laura Y. Says:

    Hi! I totally know where you’re coming from — I recently lost about 30 pounds, and figured at 25 I was done so I bought all new clothes…mistake! (Though I did buy all of my fancy designer jeans on eBay, so that wasn’t so bad.) I’m currently investing in belts, as I’m still losing just from maintaining my much healthier eating habits. As far as tops, I was lucky in that I had a lot of stuff left over from a few years ago when I was thinner, and also I’ve been shopping GAP and Express sales racks and the like and getting good deals there.

    As far as getting stuff tailored, I recommend against it until you feel like your weight has stabilized — I spent about $70 on tailoring several pairs of pants because I assumed my weight loss would be slow, and by the time I picked them up a couple weeks later, they were already too big again. 🙁

    But congrats on losing weight healthily — it feels awesome, doesn’t it?

  12. annie Says:

    you are so beautiful (and photogenic…) no matter what # is attached.

  13. Emily Says:

    It’s an absolutely adorable pic. 🙂

  14. Trish Says:

    As someone who recently lost the last 10 lbs., I would advise investing in a few great camisoles that can go under all the stuff that is now a little too big. Get the kind with adjustable shoulder straps.

    Also, I’m in progress on Stolen Moments. I just LOVE it. I’m using CashVero and it’s lovely. Thanks for the pattern!

  15. Leigh Says:

    Get a couple of wrap shirts/dresses so you can hoick them in as you slim down. If it were me, I’d buy at least one thing new in a size that fits now – after all, your new skinny self should have something fab to wear!

  16. Carla Says:

    You always look fabulous, my friend! I’m happy for you.

  17. Heather Says:

    Looking good!!

  18. itgirl Says:

    So ever since last year’s bleeding/hospital/heart attack incident, I’ve lost 117 pounds, just by changing my diet to deal with my PCOS (insulin resistance). I haven’t tried, I haven’t exercised, it’s just the the weight’s just fallen off me. Me, I don’t feel like I look any different, but I suppose going from a size 22 to a size 12 makes a difference to some people.

    So, being the newly minted expert on wardrobe changes, I personally wait until my clothes look ridiculous on me, and my jeans fall off my ass when I’m running to catch the Metro until I buy the next size lower, because then I’m not just “between” sizes, I’m fully entrenched in the “new” size. And sometimes I find that it takes 15-20 pounds to get a size lower, and sometimes 5. It just…depends.

    I used to love shopping. Now I dread it. I haven’t even begun to pay off my new size 16 wardrobe yet, let alone my size 14 wardrobe, and now I’m a 10/12? WTF?

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