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15k in 1:53 and stillalive

August 23rd, 2009

Bib tag and medal

Well folks, I did it. I completed the 15k Midsummer Night’s Run in 1:53, with an average pace of just about 7.5 minutes per kilometer. My usual running pace is just a little under 6.5, so apparently, I ran all but about 20 minutes of the course.

I have two words for that.

Kick. Ass.

The course itself was gorgeous. We started right at 6:30 in a park near Lakeshore and Carlaw, and ran out through Tommy Thompson park. The lighthouse at the end of the spit marked the halfway point.

To our right as we ran out, we were treated to gorgeous views of the sun setting behind the Toronto skyline. To our left, views of the bird sanctuary, community gardens, and Lake Ontario. The path was wide, and varied between concrete (ick), dirt (yay but ew) and gravel (scary).

The whole gang

These are the folks who roped me into this crazy goal. We all survived and stuck together until the last 1.5km, when I had to run it in or I thought I’d never make it. Moira, Darren and I shouted out at every route marker. “Only 14 left!” “13 to go!” “12 more kilometers!” I realized so soon how important those markers are to keep your energy up and keep you motivated. Just a little further til the next marker, I kept reminding myself.

Not surprisingly, we built in a lot of our walk breaks immediately after a marker or water station.

If you follow me on twitter, you might know that I twisted my ankle walking around Bloor West last weekend. I spent the week resting it entirely, icing, elevating, and taking advil to keep the swelling down. By race day, I was feeling almost normal, but I was still worried that the running would be hard, if not impossible.

Turns out, all the rest did me a lot of good. My ankle didn’t bug me any more than any other of my many body parts. (Today, however, I’m doing a lot of icing and whining. Everything hurts!! Everything!) My gear worked out well too. Great shoes, awesome wicking tee from Lululemon, and a nike run skirt.

Because at Chez Indigirl, we’re all about the bling…

Front of the Medal

That’s the front of the medal. (It’s so heavy!!!!)

Back of the medal.

And this is the back.

In case you’re curious how I felt when crossing the finish line, I believe the following photo sums it up perfectly.


Next up? The Scotiabank Half-Marathon (21k) on September 27. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far! Every little bit helps support Epilepsy Toronto. I’m $35 short of my goal of $250.

Please Sponsor Me and Support Epilepsy Toronto.

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11 Responses to “15k in 1:53 and still alive”

  1. Shell Says:

    I am so proud of you, that you set a goal, showed up, and finished! Hugs to you and Sandra and the pups.

  2. Sameer Vasta Says:

    Congrats again Amy, and to all of you. Looking forward to hearing all about the half-marathon next month, and sending my good luck wishes your way!

  3. ClaireR Says:

    That is awesome, Amy! Good for you!

  4. carin Says:

    so proud of you milt!

  5. Molly Says:

    ok, I’m pretty much a lurker on your site. A knitter AND runner. So congrats on the run. And btw, you’re looking skinnier and skinnier.

  6. Chris Rotolo, Director of Development at Epilepsy Toronto Says:

    Hi Amy and supporters,

    We greatly appreciate Amy choosing Epilepsy Toronto as a cause, and your support of her.

    We are a small team of only 12 people here at Epilepsy Toronto. As a charity, our programs are often limited by our budgets. With the support of people like you, Epilepsy Toronto continues to be the only place offering a comprehensive range of services to the 40,000 people in the GTA living with epilepsy and their families. We work hard to enable people living with epilepsy to live independently, to live without stigma, and to live as part of a community.

    From me and all the members and staff of our organization, thanks so much for your interest and involvement.

    Chris Rotolo
    (416) 964-9095

    If you would like more information about epilepsy or the services of Epilepsy Toronto, it would be our honour to serve you.

  7. Lee Ann Says:

    You seriously rock, Amy. Congratulations!!!

  8. Adriene Says:

    Wow! Congratulations! You did something I’ve always wanted to do, and this is another push in that direction. Well done!

  9. Nicola Says:

    Many congratulations! I’ve always wanted to learn to run but have never had the guts to push past that “oh my God, I’m so out of breath I’m gonna die” part!

  10. CJ Says:

    You look so fabulous in that photo! Congrats and best of luck in the next race.

  11. sandra Says:

    What is the Big Stripey Monster Thing?

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