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An Oldie – ButGoodie

January 13th, 2010

Pretty Please Socks

I’ve been spending a lot of time designing over the past few months. I’m preparing to publish the rest of the Smitten Patterns, and pondering writing a mitten eBook to talk about mitten construction, fill in the blank patterns, and more. I’m also working on something new and secretive with an absolutely delicious yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and wrapping up some old designs.

What I realized in all this, is that I tend to forget about some of my older designs, ones published prior to Ravelry downloads and ones I’ve never blogged or advertised.

I think I need to dig into my ‘back catalog’ a little more, especially when deciding what to knit next! This pattern was such a blast to knit, I’ll need to make another pair ASAP. Maybe I’ll cast on tonight?

Pretty Please Socks

This, the Pretty Please Socks, is one of my absolutely favorites. I originally designed this for the Sockaholics club and broke out of my toe-up mold to combine a sweet (and easier than it looks) lace pattern with a traditional heel flap design.

$3.50 US on Ravelry

How about you? Do you ever knit the same thing twice?

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5 Responses to “An Oldie – But Goodie”

  1. Monika Says:

    Not very often any more. There’s just too much patterns out there, easy to get, free or not, just too much!

  2. Annegret Says:

    What lovely socks! I often knit things more than twice when the work was successful – as socks, sweaters, scarfs. I whish I would have more time for knitting.


  3. Karen Says:

    I have a few go-to patterns that I use all the time. It’s funny–I was recently doing some writing about repetition and my knitting came up! Monkey Socks, Turn-A-Square Hat, a great quick wrist warmer pattern that I don’t remember the name of. And of course, the Stolen Moments Wrap. That’s always a big hit!

  4. Judy G. Says:

    I rarely knit the same big project twice, with the exception of the Kerry Blue Shawl from Waterman’s Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls. That sucker just won’t come out big enough, and I’m about to embark on try #3. Beautiful pattern, questionable execution.
    Small projects? Lots of repeats.

  5. Scottie Says:

    Good things deserve to be knit more than once! Yes!
    I have reknit hats, mostly, and have reknit a basic sock pattern too.
    I agree with Judy G. too, more repeats on smaller projects.

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