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I want to go to thewoods!

July 23rd, 2010


I feel like we’ve spent the entire summer trying to go camping. See, that was my big plan when we moved here on only one income. We already have all the gear, tents sleeping bags, cookware. And Ontario Provincial Parks are pretty awesome. A lot of them even feature designated off-leash areas for dogs. (I made a little Map to Track Off-Leash Provincial Parks, in case you’re curious.)

The thing about the park system here… it’s hugely massively popular. Reservations for campsites open 5 months ahead of your scheduled arrival. FIVE MONTHS. SO way back in February, I started making reservations.


First off, was the lovely weekend at Sandbanks in early June. (I never got around to blogging about it, but I posted the full set of photos on flickr.) It’s a lovely park, about 3 hours east of Toronto. We had near-perfect weather and a near-perfect campsite, tucked back into the woods. The dogs had an absolute blast.


Unfortunately, the next week was when Cooper got attacked. So, we cancelled the one-day Dog Paddling Adventure for Cooper and Sandra, a day of organized canoeing with dogs. I ended up taking Jackson for the day. He adored being on the water. So much so, that during portages, he jumped into the canoe the first chance possible. “I’m ready to go!”

Way back in the winter, I had booked the day trips, plus a four day Women’s Weekend with the Dog Paddling group to the Haliburton area. Because of Cooper, we had to cancel on that as well as the accompanying few days at Killbear Provincial Park.

So then, since Cooper’s tail has been healing so well, we rather ambitiously decided to make some reservations near Killarney for car camping and some backcountry canoeing for this weekend and the following week. I bought the maps, a few books, plotted out some routes, and then changed everything when the reservations folks reminded me that it was a long weekend and nearly every lake was sold out. Uh-huh. But, we snagged a spot on a side lake, had almost all the stuff together, and then Cooper hurt himself on Tuesday.

He’s back to his normal self now, and he’s had blood work and a few exams. The best guess is that he pulled a muscle or strained something pretty badly, and the meds helped everything to loosen back up enough. But, he’s still on doctor’s orders to take it easy until Monday, so yes, we cancelled ANOTHER camping trip.

The plan now is to just shift everything back by a week, go at the beginning of the August Long Weekend rather than have those days at the end of our trip. So I’m rearranging and re-reserving, and finding that even less is available.


Still. I hope… desperately… to be out on a lake some time soon. I hope to be in the woods. To be smelling that fabulously clean and musky air. To be cooking outside. To be enjoying a well-deserved stainless steel mug of wine. And to be just away from everything, even for a little while.

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6 Responses to “I want to go to the woods!”

  1. Anita Says:

    We’re having one of those summers, too. Normally by now we’ve had a few longer sailing trips, but we’ve been on the water all of 4 hours or so all summer. EEK! Lots of factors involved, mostly recuperation from surgery and tons of work. Here’s hoping that August is better. We will try to extend our sailing season a bit later into September than usual, if the fates allow us.

    Glad to hear that Cooper is feeling better!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Hang in there! I hope you and Cooper are both back back on the trail (or in the canoe) soon!

  3. juniperjune Says:

    me too me too! i’m trying to schedule a trip with my boyfriend, but our schedules are really uncertain right now and it’s tough to plan that far in advance. 🙁

  4. stephanie Says:

    Yay camping!! We’re heading up to Northern Wisconsin / Michigan UP late next week for just under two weeks. Can. Not. Wait. I don’t care what the weather’s like, whether it rains the whole time we’re there, it’s still the lake. 🙂 Wish you all were close by, and we could meet up!!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Ugh. We’ve been camping exactly 0 times this year. Our canoe has been out on the water exactly 0 time last summer AND this summer!
    Hopefully you and the doggies get out there sooner than later for some R&R.

  6. Natalie Says:

    Looks like an AWESOME time!!

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