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I’m not overweekends

July 4th, 2010

My morning

Sandra came home from over a week in Edmonton at 1am on Friday night, so when the dogs woke up at 8 on Saturday, I left her to sleep in for as long as she’d like. I thought about doing many things; cleaning the kitchen, catching up on laundry, just popping in a movie and knitting on the couch for a bit. But our little north-facing back yard is so cool and shady, even on the hottest days. And I haven’t spent enough time there since Cooper got sick.

I took my mac and a long-languishing WIP outside with a big cup of Balzac coffee. I knit. Wrote up some patterns. Caught up with emails. And finally finished off this project, named the “Munchkin Blanket”. It’s on the way to my best friend, and it should have been finished months ago. But so it goes sometimes.

Before I knew it, it was almost 1:30. Sandra was just getting up, and the dogs were just heading downstairs after taking a nap with her all morning long. And in that time, I had been so relaxed, and so productive. It was absolutely lovely.

This morning, it hasn’t been so easy to get motivated. It’s really smoking hot here in Toronto right now, and the entire week ahead looks to be the same. We’ve got a new AC unit, so the house is nice and cool. But it makes it hard for me to feel like going anywhere, doing anything at all. I dragged myself out for a quick run this morning, but it was almost too hot to really enjoy it until those endorphins kicked in when I was almost done.

Cooper’s skirt is working out really well. He doesn’t need to wear the cone if he’s got the skirt on, so I think he’s a lot more comfortable. We’ve started calling it his “overalls” because it almost looks like that from the back and above, particularly the way the harness holds it in place. He goes back to the vet tomorrow, and Sandra’s under instructions to tell him we’ve had a ‘breakthrough’ to buy a little more time before any further surgeries.

Now, I’m disgustingly sweaty. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded. And I really need a shower.

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2 Responses to “I’m not over weekends”

  1. ana Says:

    the colours in the munchkin blanket are delicious! the heat beats the motivation out of me, as well. i followed you here from the knitty blog, i think it was…

  2. kingshearte Says:

    It really is hard to get motivated when it’s this hot. I have quite a few dishes that I didn’t quite get done yesterday waiting for me, but it’s just too hot in here to even think about actually doing them right now.

    And I’m so glad to hear that the skirt is working out for Cooper.

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