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this stinks!

July 20th, 2010

So, you know how Cooper has been doing so much better? And how his tail is nearly healed? Well, I came home from work tonight and found him panting and unable to walk or stand. We rushed him to the vet emergency, totally panicked.

Of course, the moment he got in the door, he started to run back out…a good sign that nothing was broken. Still, the exam showed that he’s injured his hip or lower back.

My best guess is something happened this morning before I left for work. He’s still wearing the skirt, and its been kind of shredded so the fabric is a lot smaller than before. He walks and runs great with it. But this morning, when I was getting my bag together, I heard a little whimper. I found him on the stairs, halfway down. I thought, at first, that the skirt was caught or tangled, but it seemed fine. So, I took it off and he still didn’t move. I picked him up under the arms and carried him down to the main floor. He put his front paws up on the ottoman and climbed up and lay down. So, I didn’t think anything of it.

He had been fine first thing, getting his food, going outside, going up and down and up the stairs as we got ready for work. Something must have happened, though.

They just did an exam and gave us more pain meds. Tomorrow, we have an appointment at our regular vet, and they might want to do x-rays to see if its hip dysplasia, a fracture, or something else.

I am unable to cope with much more. And yet I know I will somehow cope with this, and with everything else life throws at me. It’s just how it is.

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13 Responses to “this stinks!”

  1. Jeanie Babbage Says:

    Our four-legged children cause us as much worry and heartache as the two-legged kind. I know you have had many months of one thing after another, but life will calm down. It always does. But, life is as always dynamic and I’m glad you recognize you can and will cope. Many are sending you good wishes.

  2. Dana Says:

    Ay ay ay!! It really does pour when it rains, yes?
    I’m still keeping you guys in my thoughts. More prayers for a speedy recovery from Cooper’s most recent affliction.

  3. Deirdre Says:

    Amy, you are absolutely right, it STINKS!

    So I’m one of those sending good wishes and positive vibes, and hoping everything settles out for you soon – somehow we do what we have to do, and cope with whatever gets thrown at us, but it would be really nice if you caught a patch of calm…

  4. Anita Says:

    Poor Cooper! I wonder if he tripped and fell. Poor you and Sandra! I hope this is the last dogastophy for a good long while, and that Cooper can heal without a big intervention.

  5. kingshearte Says:

    Oh, that’s decidedly not awesome. I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope it turns out to be nothing too serious.

  6. Christiane Says:

    Awww, poor Cooper! I’ll be thinking good thoughts and wishes for you, Sandra, and Cooper.

  7. Kate Says:

    Ugh. Poor Cooper. Sending good wishes and thoughts your way.

  8. Ivete Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear he’s insured again! It does sound like something happened on the stairs. It’s moments like these when you really wish they could talk isn’t it! Good luck!

  9. Adriene Says:

    Oh my goodness, what a lot of bad luck for Cooper! I hope things are on the up and up for you folks soon – it’s been a rough few months for you. Here’s hoping for some better news soon!

  10. Terri Says:

    poor ol’ Coop. Pets give us so much joy and happiness in our lives, but can also make us worry so, so much. Sabrina tweaked something in her lower back on Boxing Day (she slipped on the laminate floor) but it didn’t manifest itself until a day or two later. With her what happened was when she slipped, she pulled something in her back and then when it swelled up, it was pressing on a nerve so whenever she stood up or laid down, she would yelp because of that. Some anti-inflams reduced the swelling and that removed the pressure on the nerve. I hope it’s something relatively easy like that for Cooper. Thinking of you all.

  11. Norah Says:

    Oh no! Sending out good wishes for Cooper and for you and Sandra.

  12. Michele Says:

    I hope he feels better! Tetley the un-wonder dog will run down the steps too fast and tweak her back sometimes. It will take her a day or two to be able to run full blast, let alone even walk, up the stairs again. And she’s 10, so things don’t get better as fast!!

  13. Theo Says:

    just wanted you to know my Coooper and I have been thinking about you and your Cooper and sending healing thoughts. Hang in there and keep us posted!!

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