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best laid plans

August 1st, 2010

Cooper tongue

Well, another week, another bout of dog-related drama.

You know we had scheduled and rescheduled and scheduled again a week long camping trip to Killarney Provincial Park and a few other areas in the near North of Ontario. We had shopped, and packed, and planned out everything from meals to a backcountry canoe trip of 3 days. We had the canoe rental lined up, the sites all reserved – a miracle given that it’s the long weekend here in Ontario, and everything’s been booked for months.

So of course, the plans went awry.

The first problem happened on Wednesday. Sandra got a call about 3 full weeks of contract work. Beginning the next day. Making it impossible to go away for the full week after all. But, the prospect of 3 full weeks of salary made up for that small disappointment entirely. I decided to cancel the reservations and find something a little closer… like Killbear Provincial Park, about 3 hours away.

Because we could only get a reservation for the first night, I decided to drop Sandra off at work on Friday morning, and with the dogs, drive up to the campsite to get the tent and everything set up. That way, even if we rolled in around midnight, we’d be able to quietly go straight to bed.

The drive up was lovely. Located on the eastern shores of Georgian Bay, the park itself is a gorgeous mix of pines, sand, and large slabs of rock. It’s part of the Canadian Shield, and it’s just breathtaking.

As the dogs and I drove through the park, they got increasingly excited about the chance to run through the woods a bit. Many of Ontario’s Provincial Parks have dog off-leash areas, sometimes with swimming and hiking opportunities. Killbear has a lovely 1km wooded path that runs through the woods to a nice little crescent sand beach.

The dogs had a blast. I went swimming too, even though the day wasn’t that warm. We set up the tent and air mattress and chairs. We packed up to get back in the car and pick Sandra up from work, another 3 hour drive.

And then, Cooper got sick. Not just a little sick. The kind of sick that stinks out the bum.

I’ll spare you the details, but you should know that we had to stop the car every 30 – 45 minutes for the poor guy.On thursday, he had some hip xrays with sedation, and I think the medication really disagreed with him. He got worse, and we decided that a night in a tent with a dog with diarrhea would be a terrible idea.

And true, it would have been awful. One of us got up with him just about every hour, all night long.

I think I mentioned that we only had a reservation for the one night. The plan had always been to get up early to get a shot at extending through the weekend with one of the non-reservable sites. Because we spent the night in Toronto, that plan was totally shot. Everything was sold out, and we’d be too late to get a first-come-first-served site. But, we had to clear the campsite of our stuff by 2pm. We were on the road around 8:30. By the time we hit the 400 heading north, I noticed an odd thing. Not only was the highway packed with cars, we weren’t going much faster than 20km/hr.

It should take about an hour to get to Barrie. It took us 3.

Long weekend traffic. I’d guessed it would have been the worst on Friday night, and maybe a little heavy the following morning. It was brutal. I won’t lie – I had a bit of a hissy fit in the car. But, we had to keep going, even if it was just to turn around and come back home.

Once we passed Barrie, the traffic thinned and we made it back to the park around 12:30. Just enough time to pack up the stuff and head back to the dog beach for a good play.

Driving back was uneventful. Cooper was feeling nearly 100% again, and I recovered enough of my spirits to feel only a little bit resentful that the weekend has turned out this way. All that driving takes a toll too; $120 in gas and one exhausted Amy.

I went to bed around 8:30 last night, read a bit, and then slept for 11 hours straight.

Today, I’m going to grill a chicken and fix this current knitting disaster.

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4 Responses to “best laid plans”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Wow…what a weekend. Hope everyone feels better and at least you had some fun.

  2. ...AnnaRose... Says:

    Looks like you should stop making plans for a while 😉


  3. Terri Says:

    oh, Amy, I’m sorry to hear your weekend plans went for shit. But the upside is Cooper is feeling better, right? Enjoy the rest of your weekend off!

  4. Chrystie Says:

    We spent the weekend away, with the longest drive to Lake Tahoe ever. We left at 2pm on Friday, when we thought we’d have a napping baby. She napped for less than an hour when we hit horrid traffic. We were supposed to have a 4 hour trip with some stops. We arrived at the cabin at 11pm because of the many stops and terrible traffic. We got back much quicker last night after only a 6 hour trip, but I’m still recovering. I hope you have a better week than your weekend!

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