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looking at it from bothsides

August 27th, 2010

inside out

I’m making such speedy progress on this sweater now. I think I’ve turned the point where I know it’s working out and I won’t have to rip back again. It’s a good feeling; the ability to just move forward.

This week, I started on the sleeves. Purling in the round on dpns is apparently not my strong suit; I was developing pretty severe laddering between the needles. I was shocked! I never have laddering issues when I knit or work in pattern. Rather than fight it, I decided to just knit the sleeves inside out so I could… well… knit.

Within a few rows, I became pretty enamored with how these cables look from the inside as well. It’s a completely different look, and had I planned better, I would have provisionally cast on the underarm sleeves so it could be truly reversible.

Or maybe I’ve just been looking at the yarn too long and am going a little batty in the brain.

What do you think?

right side out


Man I love this cable. You’d asked where the pattern was from. The truth is, I can’t remember. I started on this project back during the Olympics this year, and I’d written out the cable instructions. I think it’s a variation on something from a stitch guide. I’ll take a look through my books when I finish the pattern and see if I can find the source.

I’m just finished with the first of the sleeves now, and it’s looking like I’m going to need another ball of yarn. I tend to forget how cables can suck up yarn. I also designed this a fair bit longer than I’d expected when I bought the Galway. Luckily, I should be able to get another ball at The Purple Purl during my day off today. (!!!!)

Yep, I have today off. I’d booked this as a vacation day at the beginning of the summer when I thought we’d be doing a long weekend five hours north at Restoule Provincial Park. Sandra’s still working (yay!) so we’re staying a bit closer to home and going over to Lake Huron for some beach time and sunsets. I’ll pick her up from work at 5pm with the dogs and the gear so we can be on the road, but until then, I’m going to run errands, buy yarn, and make pickles.

It’s possible I’m a little obsessed with home preserving. I’ve made Ginger Peach Jam, Peach Jam, and Peach Salsa with our grocery store haul of peaches. And now I have some canning pickles and dill. Mmm… dill…

Anyhow, have a great weekend. I hope this sweater will be done by the next time you hear from me! I have another deadline project to start designing the second the yarn arrives on my door stop so if I don’t finish big blue before then, it’ll be a month.

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6 Responses to “looking at it from both sides”

  1. Walden Says:

    I agree, I think the cable is just as interesting inside out. This would be a great sweater to have reversible. Can’t wait to see it all done! 🙂

  2. kingshearte Says:

    I kinda like the inside-out cables too.

  3. Jeanie Babbage Says:

    That really does look neat from both sides!! Maybe when you get ready to publish it you will have tweaked to be completely reversible!

  4. Martha Says:

    I really, really love this sweater. It has been so fun to watch it develop!

  5. jen d Says:

    You’re right – the cables look really good on the inside too. I second the vote to tweak the published pattern to allow for reversibility!

  6. Beth Says:

    This is one of my favorite cables! Love the sweater!

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