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our office has a garden

August 6th, 2010

Morning Glory

This past Spring, the Ontario Government (where I work) had an Earth Day festival. I wasn’t able to attend, but my cunning co-workers picked up some seed packets and decided to plant them in our boardroom. We planted Morning Glories and Marigolds, sweet peas and lettuce, swiss chard and squash.

The first few sprouts came up over the next week. They quickly grew into baby plants, then into larger plants, transplanted into first empty diet-coke bottles, then larger pots.

office garden

It became a morning ritual, to check on the plants. That first little squash blossom was thrilling! And these morning glories, as they unfurled tiny little leaves for the first time… exciting!

We work in a very old building, circa 1926. I think the windows are actually that old as well. One morning, we came in to find the enterprising morning glory had managed to find a crack in the window and had escaped to the outside world!

Morning glory

Now, many of them have been moved to various homes. (I had an unfortunate incident with the pea I was taking home to plant; my bike, the pea and I got stuck in a thunderstorm. I recovered – the pea didn’t.)

But we still have two courageous morning glory vines, one trailing up the shade cord in our meeting room, the other in Cullen’s office. They flower every day or two, sometimes unfurling a couple blossoms, others only one. They provide a little blue or purple hint of color into an otherwise beige room. And I think it goes without saying that we all love this weird little garden of ours.

Morning Glory


Watching these plants appear almost miraculously from tiny seeds was a bit of a revelation for me. I’ve never been that involved with gardening or plants. When I grew up, Mom had a vegetable garden for a few of my younger years, but gave up because the soil was so unhospitable, and to be honest, I think she prefers tending to the flower beds of perennials.

When I moved to California, I had a jasmine plant outside and a few ficuses and ferns in my apartment that I kept reasonably alive from move-to-move. Not surprisingly, though, they couldn’t join me in Canada so I let them go to friends and strangers.

But still, this was the first time that I saw the magic of specks turning into blossoms.

I hope this garden continues to thrive for awhile longer. The little surprise of a new flower to greet me in the morning is a small pleasure. And I have to thank Moira for planting, watering, transplanting, and tending to the little garden she created. It’s lovely, and it’s much appreciated.

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