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Behind the scenes withBrunello

September 8th, 2010

A lot has been going on in my design life the past couple of months, all culminating in today’s release of two new patterns. You all know I love designing for Knitty… and I love the chance to put together something special for the mid-issue surprise. In this case, the surprise is a romantically-styled short-sleeved cardigan, with puff sleeves, a gathered waist, and lace trim.

The yarn is from Lorna’s Laces, and one I’ve always wanted to use. Greenline DK is an organic merino and exquisitely soft. Like with many designs, the yarn here directed what I designed. I needed to leave those sections of stockinette to really showcase the beautiful dye-job as well as the soft halo on the resulting fabric.

In addition to designing, knitting, and writing up the instructions and sizing, I did multiple passes of photography for this one. It’s been a crazy month in our house, with Sandra working lots of overtime. So the first shoot was out at the beach after work. You can see my favorite photo above. Unfortunately, the day was a little dark, and the lack of adequate light made some beautiful shots turn out too grainy to use.

So then, I did a second shoot just yesterday with my friend Lara after work. You can see the best photo as the first one in the pattern over on Knitty. Such a different feel to it on a different day!

I had a blast designing Brunello, despite running out of yarn and having to rip back substantially. I hope you enjoy.

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9 Responses to “Behind the scenes with Brunello”

  1. picadrienne Says:

    Fabulous sweater! Any chance we could get a more detailed shot of the back detail. I can see it in one shot in the flikr set, but would love to see more of the detail. I think I have finally found a use for the wool I dyed green. Such a wearable sweater, especially where I work, and everyone else has heat vents in there offices, and I don’t.

  2. Adriene Says:

    I LOVE it!!!!

  3. Miriam Says:

    Beautiful! I love it!!

  4. Jeanie Babbage Says:

    This sweater is so cute! BTW how is Cooper’s tail?

  5. dancinglights Says:

    Just opened my Knitty post and love your pattern! I’ll be keeping an eye on your designs from now on:)

  6. Pilar Says:

    I love it, and will probably knit it for myself as soon as I find the right yarn, but probably will try it with longer sleeves. Do you think it could work with 3/4 sleeves?

  7. Gaby Says:

    Amy, your design is incredibly gorgeous!!! Love the sleeves!!
    I was searching some cardi like this and yours is perfect!! Thanks for share it!
    I’m planning to knit it in cotton, because in Buenos Aires, Spring is coming 🙂

  8. startare Says:

    Magnifique! j’espère bien tricoter ton modèle très bientĂ´t.

  9. Joettta Devore Says:

    I love the pattern and it would look great on me! However, the pattern is not written large enough. I wish you designers would automatically include up to size 64 bust in patterns. Most of us are overweight now! At least that is what statistics are saying. This pattern looks like it would be easy to alter but I do not know how to do that either. So out of luck again.

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