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Brunello – WorkingThose Tuck Stitches

September 24th, 2010

Brunello Back View - Closeup

In the time I’ve been on vacation in good old St. Charles, I’ve received a few questions on how to work those darn tuck stitches on the back of Brunello.

Lets look at the larger tuck, the Tuck 5, and break it down. I know this needs pictures and maybe a video, and I’ll hopefully have some time this weekend to work those up for you! 🙂

Tuck 5: Insert tip of right needle into back loops of first and fifth sts on left needle; k these sts together, but do not drop sts from left needle; sl first st to right needle, k next 3 sts, k next st through front loop.

What you’ll be doing is creating a little fold of fabric by knitting together the first and fifth stitches.

First, insert the right needle through the back of the first st on the left hand needle. Then, skip over the next three sts and put it through the back of the fifth st on that needle. Knit these two sts together and let both drop back onto the left needle. Your right needle now has 1 st, and your left needle still has five.

Here’s the tricky bit. The pattern says to slide the first st to the right needle. That’s not quite correct, as you’ll end up with an extra stitch. Instead, let that first stitch drop off the left needle. (It’s already been knit together with the fifth stitch, so it’s not going anywhere.) Then, knit the next 3 sts.

At this point, if you just let the fifth st drop down too, you’ll have decreased one stitch. Instead, knit it through the front loop to increase back to five total stitches.

And then you’re done. Hope this helps!

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2 Responses to “Brunello – Working Those Tuck Stitches”

  1. Adriene Says:

    Thanks for explaining that – I was reading through the pattern and wondered exactly what was happening there!

  2. Candace Says:

    YEs!!! This is what I ended up doing! Thank you soooo much for the clarification! PERFECTION! This pattern is absolutely stunning to work up and I’m just past the waist shaping now, heading swiftly towards starting the lace edgings! Thank you so very very much for the email on Ravelry, sending me here!

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