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Some pricing changes forpatterns

November 21st, 2010

I’ve been doing more and more wholesaling to shops and think it’s about time to simplify my pricing. Effectively immediately, one of my patterns for pdf download will either be $3.50, $5.00 or $7.50.

This does 2 things:

  1. Makes it easier for me to price patterns. If the pattern isn’t complex enough to be sold for $5, it’ll be $3.50.
  2. Makes it easier for shops to stock my patterns. Previously, I was wholesaling everything for a flat fee. This reduced a shop’s profit to just a few cents for some of the smaller accessory patterns. Hardly fair, and hardly right.

But does that mean pattern prices are going up? NO! MOST of my accessories are actually less expensive now that they’re priced $3.50. Anything that was priced at $5 or $7.50 will stay that way.

AND… Little Miss Greenjeans is now being decreased to just $5 – a bargain, considering it includes sizes for infants and kids!

Take a look at my Pattern Catalog to see all the updates.

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