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January 25th, 2011


I started knitting this project on New Years Day in 2009. I had just moved to Toronto and was spending the holidays back in Calgary with Sandra and the dogs and cats. At the time, my stash was astoundingly large, full of yarns I’d picked up before I really knew what to do with them, and single skeins from here, there and everywhere.

Being the massive Noro lover that I am, naturally I had a ton of Kureyon. Not enough of a single color to knit a sweater, but lots of leftover bits from previous projects, and pairs of skeins of colors that I loved.


Hot off the striped scarf trend, I wanted to make something bigger. A blanket. Out of Kureyon. And I wanted to make the most of how the colors blend and shift, while being able to use up all the extra skeins and assorted colors I’d picked up over the years.

So, I started this. And feverishly knit up three big panels before abandoning it for nearly two years.

Last week I picked it up again. The bonus is that each panel is fairly portable; either 25 or 50 sts depending on the width. This makes it just as easy as knitting up scarves, and perfect for meetings, transit, and when I’m too tired to do much else.

This may not be a project I finish this year. It may linger for awhile longer. But I think it’s about the perfect thing to look at when it’s this cold and dark out.

Bright colors, a simple pattern, and the curiosity to see what develops next.


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15 Responses to “stripes!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Oh my! I’m in love. This is going to be a spectacular blanket!

  2. AnnieBee Says:

    I love this, and I can see something similar in my future, whenever my mitered-squares-in-koigu obsession peters out.

    I’m really curious about how you’ve joined the panels here — it almost looks like you’ve picked up stitches on the sides and done a 3-needle bind-off in a contrasting colour? It’s a great effect, whatever you’ve done.

  3. Jen Says:

    OH MY! The colors are gorgeous. Noro and I do not have a great love affair- but you really, REALLY seem to knit it up exhibiting it’s colors beautifully!

  4. Benne (feathersong) Says:

    Oh! This is beautiful! I love Noro and have quite a few lovely skeins that I picked up because I couldn’t walk away from the colors. Knitting a skein of Noro once kept me sane on an international flight with crazy delays, unexpected flight cancellations and trying to find a hotel at 11PM. Your blanket is beautiful and I like that it is growing over time, already comforting knitting, taking its time.

  5. Sylvia Says:

    Love this! Like AnnieBee I’m in love with your edging. Would you share more info? I’m a collector of kureyon and this is beautiful and a great way to show the beautiful colors and be warm!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tanis Says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous blanket.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    A perfect soothing project for a cold and emotion-filled winter – and beautiful too. I love how you seem to effortlessly pull together such gorgeousness.

  8. StitchyAlli Says:

    Gorgeous! I love Noro Kureyon too and am plodding along with the odd square for a Lizard Ridge. The effect of the stripes is awesome though. Like Annie (above), I’m also curious how you’ve joined the panels?

  9. Christy Says:

    That is going to be gorgeous! I think I may need to buy some more Noro and try something similar. Oh the hardship…buying Noro. 😉

  10. Ingrid Hopson Says:

    how did you join the pieces together, it looks very neat
    It will be a very precious blanket when finished

  11. anne Says:

    Oh, simply gorgeous! I love those photos, I can’t wait to see the whole thing, even if I have to be patient about it!

  12. carolyn Says:

    I love this. So cheerful for these dull winter days.
    I would also like to know how you’ve joined the panels.

  13. knitty_kat Says:

    It’s so happy feeling!

  14. Cindy Says:

    I’m using up my Noro doing the Log Cabin blanket – seeing yours means I might have to buy more Noro – ouch!

  15. April Says:

    It looks wonderful so far. I like how you joined the panels together. So curious about how you did it.

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