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Oops – Errata forAsking for Roses

January 25th, 2012


It never fails. Sometimes months after a pattern was released, a kind knitter will email me with a question. Surely it’s not because of a mistake in the pattern? After all, dozens have knit the design by now. And friends and colleagues have helped to proofread.


In this case, Asking for Roses is the offender. I’d mistakenly exchanged some of the written-out decreases, even though the charts were correct.

The good thing – although the mistake is on about 8 rows of the pattern, it mostly impacts just the single decrease at the beginning and end of row. AND, if the knitter is working from charts, there’s no mistake at all.

As a designer, I hate hate hate publishing errors, and it really bugs me when they’re only caught several months later.

In any case, I’ve published the corrections here and on Ravelry, and will issue an updated version when my computer’s fixed. But that’s another story, for another day.

Happy knitting!

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One Response to “Oops – Errata for Asking for Roses”

  1. Carmen Nelson Says:

    I have started the Plum Thunder Camisole from your Sensual Crochet book. However, I have noticed there must be errors in the book. I have looked everywhere and cannot find any errata on any of your online sources. Have you published any errata perhaps somewhere I have not yet found? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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