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Quick Update

March 6th, 2012

Mom went through her stem cell transplant fairly well, and her recovery time was so good they sent us home a full week ahead of schedule! We got home on Saturday night, and mom’s now in relative isolation in the back family room addition. It’s a nice setup – it’s a very large open space, and she has her own bathroom, several couches and chairs, an eating table, a bed, etc.

I’m feeling like I’m run ragged right now, largely from all the, well… running around I’ve been doing for the past few weeks!

We go back to Loyola for an update tomorrow, and I’m expecting to see her numbers continuing to climb!

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11 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Very glad to hear it! Hope she continues to improve and you can get some physical and emotional rest.

  2. CatieP Says:

    That is great to hear – I hope she continues to do so well.

  3. Josee Says:

    That’s great news! Thanks for the update, I hope this sets the trend for the rest of her recovery.

  4. N McInnis Says:


  5. Marylin Parikin Says:

    Great news, so happy to hear it.

  6. Sandi(Evilknittingtwin) Says:

    That is very good news! We all have you and your family in our hearts and prayers!

  7. Caroline aka FiberTribe Says:

    SUCH good news! Sending all healing thoughts to your mom and rest/restoration thoughts to you, chica.

  8. Lisa in Chicago Says:

    Great news. I’ll send good thoughts to you and your mom when I drive past Loyola tomorrow.

  9. Laura from beautiful West Michigan Says:

    Yay for your mom! My experience was similar, and I remember driving away from the hospital after that last doctor’s visit saying “It’s over! It’s all over!” with tears running down my face. Here’s to a great recovery, no setbacks and a wonderful time spent with her daughter!

  10. Lesley Says:

    Good news 🙂

  11. Jennifer Crowley Says:

    What wonderful news for your mother! I will keep you guys in my prayers at things move forward. Good luck on her recovery.

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