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Introducing RiverbankRoad

April 13th, 2012

When packing to move to Chicago for those 7 weeks, I was a wee bit over-zealous with the amount of stash yarn that travelled along. I had enough for several sweaters, many accessories, and even a sweater in progress (that still isn’t complete).

I did, however, choose wisely when packing the swatch and ball of yarn for what would become this new pattern, Riverbank Road.

I started the garment on my first visit to see mom at Loyola hospital in Maywood. When visiting the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, you follow certain procedures to minimize the risk of infection for the patient. Coats and outerwear and bags go into big plastic trash bags before being brought into the room. Anything meant to stay with the patient – including mail, newspapers, or personal items – has to be washed and wiped down with bleach wipes. Visitors wear masks and limit contact with the patient.

Because of all this, I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to knit in the unit, so I just brought a small bag and this single ball of sock yarn. I asked the nurse, half afraid of what she’d say. After all, a transplant patient does a lot of sitting and sleeping for those first few weeks, and the hour drive made me reluctant to come for anything but a substantial visit.

The nurse laughed. Of course I could knit in the room.

So that first day, I cast on from the notes I’d taken a few weeks before, for a shrug-like summer layer that could be knit with a single skein of sock yarn. (Of which I have tons.)

As with many of my designs, Riverbank Road started with just two questions; what pattern would I choose for the edging, and how many stitches would I cast on?

I love designing that way because it gives me freedom to get into the project before deciding what twists or features I want to add. It also helps support my knitter’s fear of getting… well… bored.

In this case, I started just with that lower edging, and as I worked into the stockinette portions at the sides, decided to continue the lace bit up the center of the back and the fronts, allowing it to travel as I shaped the front neckline, and mirroring that detail on the back.

Riverbank Road was a quick and fun knit that used just about 300 yards of sock yarn for the smallest size. It’s probably a wee bit tight on Kate, my lovely model, so I decided to add some modifications to the published pattern to allow for more coverage in front for all sizes.

So, you actually have a choice; choose your size based on chest measurement, and then choose whether to knit the ‘busty’ or ‘regular’ version. This allows the pattern to span sizes from 30″ to 50″ and provide a nice fit for both the front – and back – of the wearer.

Want the pattern?

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4 Responses to “Introducing Riverbank Road”

  1. Emma Says:

    Wow Amy! That blocked amazingly! It looked so small on the needle but WOW! Keep designing!!! 🙂

    (Glad you are back home and your mom is doing better!)

  2. Meredith MC Says:

    Hi Amy, I just bought your pattern before I realized that the lace isn’t charted. I realize that this is a simple vine lace and I’m sure I have a chart somewhere around here but I’m wondering if you plan to offer one and save me the digging?
    I love the design and can’t wait to get started. I’ll be swatching right away.
    Thanks, Meredith

  3. Meredith MC Says:

    nevermind my note about the chart. with the swatching I realized how simple this is. Thanks!

  4. AmeliesMama Says:

    This is so beautiful!! Love the shape, and definitely have plenty of solo sock skeins that are calling!! X

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