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Found Objects

September 11th, 2014


We moved into this house in late June 2013, and had spent the previous 4 months prepping our old house for sale. As part of the staging process, we did a bunch of DIY; painting, rehabing the kitchen, and replacing light fixtures. But we also wanted to make the home feel spacious. That meant packing away most of the ‘stuff’ that we’re so fond of collecting; books, dog toys, and of course, yarn.

Luckily, our new house had a basement with an outside entrance, and the owners were happy to rent it to us for a few months for a reasonable price. I spent weeks and weeks moving over boxes and bags of the non-essentials. It was an ideal solution that let us get the best value out of our previous house without needing to move everything twice!

Of course, as usually goes with things out of sight, the boxes have sat there largely untouched. Until recently.

People. Do you know how fun it is to rediscover your yarn stash after over a year?

One very exciting discovery was this sweater I’d been designing back in 2012. When I pulled it out of the project bag, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t seamed, and strands were dangling everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the design was nearly done – only missing a collar! And even better, I still loved it.

The big question, of course, was whether I’d be able to find the pattern notes. After so many years, (and a pregnancy!) there’d be no way I could accurately recreate the rather unusual construction.

Two notebooks later, I’d decoded enough of my chicken scratches and found the pattern, split into three sections across a single notebook.


A few hours of knitting later, and I’ve got a freshly finished new cabled cardigan, perfect for fall.

So stay tuned. Two new designs coming soon.

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2 Responses to “Found Objects”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I can’t wait to see it! I had a similar experience: we put all the contents of our basement in storage over a year ago in preparation for selling the house, and it ended up taking longer than expected (duh), so I finally was able to get reacquainted with my stash a couple of months ago. Found some great stuff, but nothing as good as an almost-completed indigirl design 🙂

  2. Lise Says:

    I just love your patterns! I am just finishing Cloud Chaser and am totally thrilled with it, I did it in Lorna’s Laces Fjord just like the original and the yarn is so beautiful, soft and warm. My next project is going to be True North for this winter. 🙂
    I would love you to do a “How to” video on blocking. I am not so good at that and am nervous about blocking Cloud Chaser in case I make a mess of it.

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