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What I’ve been up to:

April 21st, 2007

Not Your Mama's Felting

Celebrating the arrival of my second book! Yes, you can get it from Amazon by clicking that link over at the right. Want it autographed? You can also order from my store, Make One Yarn Studio. (That way I can sign it and ship it out to you! Yay!) If you’re in Calgary, please do come to the official Book Launch Party, next Saturday April 28 at the store from 7pm – 10pm. We’ll have nibbles and wine and all kinds of good fun.

Casting on for Emerald Deux

Starting another Emerald! I’ll be teaching a class on this baby starting on Thursday, so thought it prudent to cast on last night. I also really wanted to try out another size of the Lantern Moon Ebony circulars. Man, I love these needles. I’m generally quite addicted to my Addis, but these really are making me think twice. The cable is so unkinky without any manipulation or work, and the joins are quite good. The cable twists, ensuring that it’s never in the “wrong” position for very long. I don’t think they’d be as good for knitting fine yarns loosely, as for lace, but for this, they’re a dream! (Plus, they make a nice clicky sound, sort of like what my fingers feel when they play piano. I love it.)

I’m knitting a second Emerald to make this one a smaller size. The old one is now too big and sloppy on me. I’m also trying it out with a belt instead of a button, and maybe without the fold-over collar. While the current pattern is available free on Knitty, I’m planning on releasing an enhanced and updated pattern through indiKnits later in the summer. So. Reworking. It’s not a bad thing.

The nice, neat, front

The back of the argyle socks

Working on those argyle knee socks. It’s going well, probably better than these photos suggest. Me and the Intarsia have developed a way of peacefully coexisting… so much so that I’m actually really enjoying this fiddly process. What’s developing is quite beautiful and quite satisfying. But, I can’t say it’s not developing slooooowly.

The glamour shot of the Granny Bag

Finishing up this felted bag. This one is for a crochet class at the shop next Saturday. It is an original design, and I find it quite fun. The best part? The actual crochet took less than 2 hours, as far as I can tell. (I wasn’t really counting.) Seriously, though, it worked up really quickly and was a blast. Considering it looks like I’ll be writing a longish technique article on fulling crochet soon, it was a good warm up to get me thinking.

And now, for a quick medical update… I saw my GP on Wednesday, and really do love her. She doesn’t overreact to things, but she also doesn’t underreact either. We had a nice chat about the mood things, the bleeding, etc, and she suggested I stick through it to the end of this pack… 2 weeks away… and see if things calm down. If they don’t, she thought they’d be unlikely to improve no matter how long I’m on the pill. And if they don’t improve, she suggested I stop the pill next month and then talk to the specialist when I see her in June. Sounds good to me. I can make it through 2 weeks.

For anyone who really cares about such things, the decision to go on the pill to control my bleeding wasn’t a rash decision. I’ve been doing every test and procedure in the book for going on 12 years now to try to get this under control. When I was just not having a period for 6-9 months at a time, that was bearable. But having it constantly for a year has made it a little more urgent to find a solution of some kind. But yes, I have had every possible test and tried about 6 different solutions before going on the pill. I mean, it’s not like I need birth control! So, the next few options may be Metformin, or doing an endometrial ablation. (The D&C did nothing except knock me out of commission for a few days.) In any case, I really relate well to all my doctors right now, probably for the first time in my life. I have a neurologist who I find hilarious, an Ob/Gyn who talks to me like a real person and doesn’t talk down, and possibly the best GP in the world. So. We’ll see. Not rushing into anything, and definitely not jumping the gun. I will just be happy if we find a solution that gets my body back under control.

And I promise, this is the last I’ll be talking about this on here for a little while. At least until there’s something new to report.

My Book! She ships!

March 23rd, 2007

From Amazon, at least. I haven’t seen it yet, and it seems like I probably won’t until after April 2…. bummer! Anyhow, go check it out. A few minutes ago, there were only 4 left in stock. Yay me!

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Retro-femme, Oscar Recap, and Activism at Home

February 26th, 2007

This top started out a scarf. The yarn is Cloud 9 from Cascade, a luscious mix of angora and merino. It’s fluffy, and fuzzy, and really, really, really did not want to be a scarf. I used exactly the 5 balls I was sent for this top, and am quite pleased that it not only […]

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