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Cooper Update, Week 4

July 9th, 2010


I can’t believe it’s been four weeks today since all this happened to Cooper. Just a few seconds has caused such a major disturbance in our lives. He hasn’t been able to go off leash since then. He’s been living with a cone, and now a skirt and a cone, on four different types of medication.

But he is getting better, at long last.

The skirt has proven to be a life saver. We’ve strapped it onto the back of his harness, so the harness almost becomes a belt. It keeps him almost entirely away from his tail. (If he tries hard enough, and doesn’t have the cone on, he can lick at it through the denim. Not great, but not that terrible either.)


With the pockets at the top, it almost looks like jeans or overalls. Pretty cute, if you ask me.

He’s still on one of the pain meds, the sedative, and some new antibiotics – his second round – to prevent any infection. We took his bandage off for the last (?) time last Sunday, so the wound has had five days to heal so far. It’s scabbed over pretty well, and the only incident was last night when he got at it while we were taking off the skirt so we could take him for a quick walk outside.

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that Toronto’s been going through a heat wave. Thankfully we have air conditioning. I can’t even imagine how miserable he would be without it, with a big vinyl cone, and a long jean skirt. And in this kind of weather, my dogs don’t really want to do much of anything.

Jackson is having a tough life too. It’s hard, when there’s only one of us around, to get him out for a good long exercise, and he can’t play with Cooper like he’s used to. But we’re surviving. And at some point, this will be over with.

The clock is kind of ticking right now. For Valentine’s Day, I’d splurged on a 4 day weekend canoe camping trip with Dog Paddling Adventures. That trip is in a week. We’ve got a call into the organizers. We can’t go if he’s wearing a cone and a skirt all the time. But we could disassemble the cone and roll it up in a pack in case of emergency. And we can’t go if his wound is open, or breaking open all the time. But the trip was really expensive, and if we can’t go, we’ll likely lose some money, plus have to wait until next summer to go again.

I’m craving normalcy around here. And I want to go. But I don’t want to be stressed about him on the trip either. But he’d love to be out in the lake, in the woods, and in the fresh air after being cooped up for so long.

So, that’s my current worry.

In the meantime, we survived a week of Cooper staying home while we worked, which is a big improvement over the last three. I just think if we can keep him entirely away from his tail for another week, we’ll be pretty much done with all of this.

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