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Dog Day at the Blue Jays Game

July 26th, 2009

Two handsome ball players

I wasn’t sure what to think about this special event when I found it on the Blue Jays’ website. “Dog Day”? Really? My first thought was that it was bound to be a disaster, what with all the… well… baseballs… flying around. But how could we pass up the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the Rogers Center, watching a game, with Cooper and Jackson and a hotdog or three?

We got up early and spent an hour or so at the dog park near our house, throwing tennis balls, running around. The key to properly behaved labs is exhaustion. (This is an invaluable lesson for all you dog owners. Want your dog to walk nicely on a loose leash? Wear ’em out first, and they’re so much more likely to listen!) Our original plan had been to walk to the Rogers Center; about an hour from home. With the rain blowing in, we decided to drive and parked in a lot I knew a 10 minute walk from the park.

The directions had been vague; come to Gate 1 prior to 11:30 for a “dog parade”. So, we lined up with everyone else, and soon had four tickets; two for us, two for the dogs, and headed in to the 100 level outfield seats. Inside the dome, they’d set up ‘relief stations’, complete with grass and fire hydrants. Several groups had booths and promotions going on, from first aid info to radio shows, to pooper-scooper services.

The dog area stretched roughly from section 100 to section 106, and was gated off from the rest of the public. Tickets were spread out a bit, giving each group generally one to two extra seats to allow more room between the dogs. Still, we heard that over 300 dogs were at the game!

At noon, the parade started, with owners leading their dogs around a section of the outfield. Naturally, there were more than a few accidents, but our dogs did us proud in every possible way.

Me and my dogs

Back at the seats, we settled in, and split a hot dog for everyone and a couple of beers for Sandra and I. I can’t say we really watched much of the game compared to a normal day out, but it was still really fun, and I saw several of the runs. Cooper spent much of the actual game on one of our laps, or on his own seat. Rather hilarious to see a nearly 100 pound dog trying to be a lap dog like the little Bichon behind us! Jackson settled down and slept on the floor beneath my legs.

Sandra and the dogs

So, it was a great day all in all. We’re all exhausted now! Will we be going to next year’s Dog Day? I think so!

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