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13,000 words down

November 17th, 2006

I’m not even going to begin to claim that I’m back on track with NaNoWriMo. I am, however, just past 13,000 words with 37,000 left to go in the next 13 days. That’s nearly 3,000 words a day, which is actually doable. Or at least, sounds that way after I’ve hammered out 2,000 in the last hour.

What’s worrying me is that the story is going really quickly. I may have to throw in a big twist or two, or finish the story and then go back and add more content throughout. We’ll see.

It’s been a horribly busy week and the weekend will be busier. We have something like 5 classes running on Saturday. I’m teaching none of them, but it still tends to feel like chaos with that many people running around.

Today, I’m hanging out with Mandy in the afternoon for a few hours. She goes back to Vancouver on Sunday and I feel like we’ve had so little time. But then, I know how it is when you have to visit your old home for a short period of time; so many friends to see, so little time.

Today is my friend Melissa’s birthday. If I remember correctly, she’s 29. I haven’t spoken much to Mel in the last year. Life got so strange and we sort of drifted and I have no clue what’s going on in her life now. This thought makes me so sad every time I think of it; how the closest of friends can drift without provocation. The way to fix things is to make more time, which is something I’ve struggled with since we opened the store. I’m no longer online for the working day, so it’s been impossible to carve out time to email the people I love who I never get to see, much less try to phone them at reasonable times. There’s no excuse, not really.

I just keep thinking that maybe soon, it’ll get under control at the shop. That we’ll have enough parts of our day organized well enough to be able to live a more normal life, and stop running around playing catch up.

At first, it was the thought that we just had to make it through the summer. Now, in our busiest season, I’m putting things off until after Christmas, when things should slow down a little. Part of the problem is that no one anticipated how busy the shop would be, how many classes would be running successfully, how much inventory we’d need to stay on top of, and how much time this all would take.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m thrilled that we’ve been so well received in Calgary and from our beloved mail order customers. I’m just continually a little puzzled by it, and a little scared that I won’t live up to the expectations already built.

I guess that’s a common worry in any walk of life. And it’s the time of the year where I find myself reconsidering so much of the past year, trying to pull out what I’ve learned, trying to evaluate what went well, what could go better next time. One year ends and another will begin soon.

Happy birthday, dear Melissa!

Sound the Retreat!

November 14th, 2006

I couldn’t have less time to blog right now, but here are a few photos from the weekend retreat at Emerald Lake Lodge. (The one of me is a rather silly test of the self-timer on my camera.) And yes, those are indeed Bison cozies, knit by Trish and installed by Sandra. As you can […]

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stealing time where I can

November 3rd, 2006

6,857 words as of 6pm Friday. One can indeed write 4,000 words in a few hours. I may just be able to do this thing. How are you doing?

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