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My skinny pants

July 16th, 2008

Like most women I know, I have comfy pants, just-right pants and skinny pants. Today, I am wearing my skinny pants. They are black slacks from Gap from last year before Gap started sucking. They are size 12, short, so they didn’t need to be hemmed. I’ve only worn them a few times. I also own the same style in tan, and although curiously missing in my house, those have been worn nearly to death.

Oddly enough, my tan pants fall into the “just-right” category, while the black ones are usually too small.

But today, they fit, and they feel great.

Just in time to eat Italian food for lunch with Correna.

Baby steps, Amy. Baby steps.

One of those mornings

July 14th, 2008

With Sandra out of town, I’ve been pulling double-duty as doggy momma. On a Monday morning, this means that instead of catching the train downtown, I got up 45 minutes earlier, got the dogs in the Jeep and across town to the daycare, before parking at the shop and catching the train from Bridgeland. The […]

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A Sad Indication of the State of Things

July 10th, 2008

My second favorite band in the whole world is going to be in Calgary tomorrow and I only found out about it last night through a Facebook alert. What’s worse, there’s a huge poster right outside the front door of work too. My first week has been going really well, although I’m not really used […]

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