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64 Crayons

Noro Kureyon – literally “Crayon” in Japanese – is just bursting with color. I can’t help but collect the little 50g skeins whenever I run into one I love, or simply when I’m having a bad day.

This blanket has been in progress for the larger part of 3 years, but I keep coming back to it for the sheer joy of seeing the colors combine in two row stripes; like a brand new box of crayons.

Knit in strips and joined at the end, it’s an extremely simple and portable project that’s easy to pick up at any time.

Each panel uses 2 contrasting colorways. Have fun when picking – it’s impossible to ‘clash’ as long as you keep enough contrast.

You should have enough yarn for each panel, but occasionally Kureyon runs short. The extra 2 skeins are to use as needed to make up a few rows. Switch to a compatible color if possible.

Finished Size
Approximately 48” wide and 55” long

Approximately 2,000 meters self-striping yarn. Shown in 20 skeins Noro Kureyon in a variety of colors.
1 set US 8 / 5mm straight or circular needle
2 24” or longer US 8 / 5mm circular needles
Yarn needle
Stitch markers

$4.00 US

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